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At St. Peter's Orthopedic Hospital, we offer comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology services to support women's health throughout every stage of life. Our dedicated team of obstetricians, gynecologists, nurses, and support staff is committed to providing personalized care, advanced treatments, and compassionate support to address a wide range of women's health needs.

Our Obstetrics & Gynecology Services Include:

  • Prenatal Care: We provide comprehensive prenatal care to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. Our team of obstetricians and specialized nurses will monitor your health and the development of your baby, offer guidance on nutrition and exercise, perform regular check-ups, and provide education and support to ensure a healthy pregnancy.
  • Labor and Delivery: Our experienced obstetricians and skilled nursing staff are committed to ensuring a safe and supportive environment for labor and delivery. We offer personalized birthing options, including natural birth, vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), and cesarean section, ensuring that you and your baby receive the highest level of care during this special moment.
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Care: For women with high-risk pregnancies, our team is well-equipped to provide specialized care and monitoring. We work closely with maternal-fetal medicine specialists to manage conditions such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, multiple pregnancies, and fetal abnormalities, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mother and baby.
  • Gynecological Examinations: We offer routine gynecological examinations and screenings to promote women's health and detect any potential issues at an early stage. Our comprehensive examinations include pelvic exams, Pap smears, breast examinations, and other necessary tests to assess your reproductive health and screen for conditions such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
  • Family Planning and Contraception: Our gynecologists provide personalized family planning and contraception counseling to help you make informed decisions regarding birth control methods. We offer a wide range of options, including oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices (IUDs), contraceptive implants, barrier methods, and permanent sterilization, tailoring the choice to your specific needs and preferences.
  • Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery: When surgery is required, our gynecologists are skilled in performing minimally invasive procedures to minimize discomfort, scarring, and recovery time. We utilize advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic techniques for various gynecological conditions, including fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and abnormal uterine bleeding.
  • Reproductive Health and Fertility Services: We understand the importance of reproductive health and fertility concerns. Our specialists offer comprehensive evaluations and treatments for conditions such as infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), menstrual disorders, and reproductive tract infections. We provide personalized care and guidance to help you achieve your reproductive goals.

At St. Peter's Orthopedic Hospital, we are dedicated to providing exceptional obstetrics and gynecology services with a focus on patient-centered care, advanced techniques, and a supportive environment. Our team is committed to partnering with you to enhance your well-being, promote reproductive health, and empower you to make informed decisions about your health.

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