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Excellence in Surgical Care.

Welcome to St Peters Orthopedic & Surgical Specialty Center.

Comprehensive orthopedic care and specialized surgical services State-of-the-art facilities and advanced medical technology Experienced team of skilled surgeons and healthcare professionals

Comprehensive Outpatient Services.

Personalized Care for Your Well-being, Right from the Start.

Expert consultations with orthopedic specialists and other medical professionals Diagnostics and imaging services including X-ray and ultrasound Physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for optimal recovery

State-of-the-Art Inpatient Facilities.

Rest and Recovery in a Caring Environment, Tailored to Your Needs.

Rest and Recovery in a Caring Environment, Tailored to Your Needs Dedicated male, female, and children's floors for personalized care Skilled nursing staff providing round-the-clock medical attention

Advanced Surgical Expertise.

Advanced Surgical Expertise.

Specialized surgical interventions in orthopedics, spinal, urology, obstetrics, and more Cutting-edge operation theaters with state-of-the-art equipment Comprehensive post-operative care and follow-up treatments

Maternity and Pediatric Care.

Caring for Mothers and Children with Compassion, Every Step of the Way.

Maternity services including antenatal care, delivery, and postnatal support Dedicated pediatric care with a child-friendly environment Experienced specialists ensuring the well-being of mothers and children
Welcome to St Peters Hospital

Transforming Lives Through Exceptional Care

At St. Peter's Orthopedic Hospital, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled medical care and improving the lives of our patients. With a relentless focus on excellence, our team of highly skilled healthcare professionals is committed to delivering personalized treatments and compassionate support. Trust us to guide you on your journey to recovery and help you regain your mobility, vitality, and overall well-being.

“We believe that every patient deserves the highest quality of care and attention. Our mission is to transform lives by combining expertise, compassion, and cutting-edge medical technology”

Dr. Gerald Wasena

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St. Peter's Orthopedic Hospital is a renowned surgical specialty center located in Nairobi, Kenya. With a steadfast commitment to excellence in healthcare, we have been serving the community for over 7 years. Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by a team of dedicated medical professionals, including highly skilled surgeons, experienced nurses, and compassionate support staff. We take pride in offering comprehensive orthopedic care, specialized surgical interventions, and a range of allied services to cater to the diverse needs of our patients.

  • Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Physiotherapy Clinic.
  • Physiotherapy Clinic.
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Clinics Timeline

Maxilofacial & General Surgery

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ENT Surgery

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Spine Surgery

Specialty Clinic

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Spine & Gynaecology

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Plastic Surgery

Specialty Clinics
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A Competent & Capable Team

Dr. Gerald Wasena

Orthopedic Surgeon

Felix Njue


Gloria Kiio


Gisaina Kwamboka


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Good Team, Good Coordination.

Good Reception, Cuter Care is On Point.

Jahkey Kei


Best State of the Art Facility in the Medical Dimension!

Offering World approved tech in classified surgeries delivering maximum patient satisfaction and medically uplifting patients satisfaction to better quality health care facility.

Njoro Anto



Very Quality proffessional and friendly and supportive staff.

Ann Gathiru

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